Passenger Equipment Defect Photos

The following photo gallery displays defects commonly found on railroad passenger equipment. To enlarge photos please click on thumbnails.

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Defective HEP cable

Defective HEP cable

Defective disc brake rotor

Bad flange

Bad profile & flange

Defective shock absorber rubbers

Defective & bent communication line pins

Bent & tilted anchor bolster rod

Bent & worn cut lever & eye

Bent draft gear shim

Blown out HEP can

Bolster hitting truck frame

Box too low in jaw

Brake head cutting into wheel

Brake head cutting into wheel

Broken brake head bushing

Broken center sill in coupler pocket

Broken coil spring

Broken H coupler

Broken equalizer seat

Buckled buffer plate

Corrosion under Pullman stainless fluting

Defective HEP cables

Cracked casting and brkt on carrier casting

Cracked center plate

Cracked ellip bolster spring band

Cracked pedestal liner

Cracked side brng brkt w excess clearance

Crash damage, ouch!

More crash damage

Crash damage

Crashpost rust

Wheel damage by worn brake shoe

Damaged fixed jumper control loop wire

Dented air reservoir

Displaced and non-locking cut lever

Equalizer hitting and damaged by pedestal

Equalizer shims damaged and worn seat

Equalizers spread and metal shims loose

Bad flange & profile

Handbrake lever brkt and mounting rusted

Loose bolster anchor rubber

Loose carrier iron bolts

Budd heater mount crack

Loose pedestal strap

Overlapping brake shoe with loose key

Over-shimmed equalizer spring

Poor handrail fastening pt cracked corner post

Rust between side sill and side sheet

Rust under step pads

Rust under car floor

Rusted step mounting angle and floor pan

Slid and over heated wheel

Slid wheel and brake head damage

Budd side sill crack

Steel rust under stainless skin

Tightlock pocket too tight no vert clearance

Transformer covers missing and damaged wires

Unsafe and worn diaphragm wear plates

Vestibule and end sheet rust

Vestibule endsheet rust behind bondo

Weak leaves and loose leaves u-bolted

Welded coupler shank

Worn box lateral liners

Budd welded grab iron crack

Worn flange

Worn hollow

Wrong wheel taper

Defective bearing race

Coupler hitting HEP can

Equalizer seat over shimmed and worn box

Aluminum corrosion in side sheet

Side sheet and side sill repair

Budd defective side sill repair

Budd defective side sill repair

Aluminum corrosion in collision post

Defective weld on Budd side sill

Defective weld on Budd car

Defective weld on stainless Budd car

Defective stainless steel repair on Budd car

Cracks in stainless barrel under dome

Bad bolster anchor shims and loose rubber

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