Passenger Equipment Defect Photos

The following photo gallery displays defects commonly found on railroad passenger equipment. To enlarge photos please click on thumbnails.

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Do not put a trap in A/C condensate drain, water will freeze in trap

Collapsed coil spring

Cracked center plate

Cracked center plate

Cracked pedestal liner

Rust damage to close to brake wheel, can cause injury

Spreading bolt on elliptical spring

Elliptical spring hitting and wearing equalizer

Galvanized water pipe on air system

Hand brake cable eye corroded

Missing pedestal bolt

Bad bolster anchor rod sleeve and rubber

Rusted & broken coil springs

Side sill failure

Rusted steps about to fall off

Swing hanger wearing into spring plank

Swing hanger worn into spring plank

Too much seal tight

Worn brake head

Worn equalizers

Worn pedestal liner

Worn brake head

Bad side sill

Bad side sill

Bent bolster anchor rod

Broken bushing

Broken pedestal liner

Broken spring band and elliptical spring hitting equalizer


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