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FRA Glazing Waiver



FRA Glazing Waiver Template Information
For RPCA Members

In an effort to provide the RPCA membership with an efficient and economical means to file for waivers from the FRA Part 223 Glazing requirements, a downloadable Data Sheet (Word Document) is now available.


The Data Sheet was developed by Mr. George Hardy of George Hardy Consulting (GHC) for the RPCA. Mr. Hardy is retired from the FRA after 45 years in the industry and with the FRA. GHC provides a variety of independent consulting services to various Class One, regional and shortline railroads as well as museums, tourist railways and private car owners. He has a very successful track record getting waivers approved.


Members wanting to file for a waiver should complete this form and, preferably, e-mail it to (George can also be reached via cell phone at (916) 770-5158) along with mailing a payment of $300. Mr. Hardy estimates that this will be sufficient for drafting and completing the waiver request for submission for a one car waiver.

For owners with multiple cars Mr. Hardy’s fee is $300 for the first car, $100 for a second car and $50 for each additional car (third, fourth, and so on) when all information is submitted at one time.

For the fees paid, the car owner will receive a ready-to-file waiver petition. The owner will need to sign and submit the waiver to the FRA. Mailing and filing instructions will be provided with the petition.

Payments for the fees should be made payable and sent to: George Hardy Consulting, 2380 Luciana Way, Roseville, CA 95661. Should there be extenuating circumstances, please feel free to contact Mr. Hardy to explain and discuss on a case by case basis.

GHC has also agreed to be also be available to answer questions for car owners on the waiver process.

In the event that the FRA has questions or concerns with respect to the petition, Mr. Hardy will be available to participate in conference calls with the owner and FRA, upon request, which will be billed at an RPCA rate of $150/hour.


The Data Sheet was developed by Mr. George Hardy of George Hardy Consulting (GHC) for the RPCA in partnership with AAPRCO.




This template is provided as a service to those members who do not wish to file a waiver request directly with the FRA.

Alternatively, you may use the template to gather the information and file your own request directly with the FRA. The use of GH Consulting services are optional and up to the individual members at their discretion.

Download Glazing Waiver Template