Purpose of the Organization

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The purpose or purposes for which the corporation is organized shall be to foster and assist in the preservation, display and operation of rail passenger equipment and museums preserving the history of rail transportation in North America, and the free exchange among members of research data pertaining to railroad equipment.

To support the purpose of the organization, RPCA shall:

  • .1 Conduct meetings, seminars symposiums, and other educational programs relating to the safety, operation and maintenance practices, and the restoration and marketing of rail passenger equipment;
  • .2 Buy, sell, lease, mortgage or otherwise encumber real property, and to accept as donation, title to real property, to store and from which to dispense information, parts, historical items and personal effects pertaining to rail passenger transportation;
  • .3 Foster the development and operation of excursion trains and railroad-oriented museums;
  • .4 Promote the preservation of railroads and railroad artifacts, and to document and preserve railroad history;
  • .5 Produce and make available to members and nonmembers, by sale or free distribution, interpretive and educational literature and materials, including, but not limited to, books, maps, pamphlets, visuals, and recordings relevant to the passenger rail excursion and railroad preservation industries;
  • .6 Develop and publish guidelines, procedures, and standards for the safe operation, maintenance, restoration, and display of rail passenger equipment and artifacts;
  • .7 Facilitate the availability of insurance, equipment, supplies, and services for the passenger excursion and railway equipment preservation community.
  • .8 Promote positive relationships between the railroad preservation community and freight and passenger railroads through establishment of procedures and standards of ethics for the conduct of business.