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RPCA Safety Program


Railroad Passenger Car Alliance Safety Program

A joint effort of the Safety and Education Committee



  • To recognize and establish an environment of safe practices in and around railroad equipment
  • To keep yourself safe from injury and harm
  • To enable you to educate and inform those who are not familiar with the railroad
    industry how to maintain a safe environment
  • This program is the compilation of many safety manuals.
  • These manuals were from various RR which had passenger service.


  • Personal Safety
  • Operating car safety
  • Passenger safety
  • Onboard safety
  • Environmental issues



The materials presented in this course should serve
as general guidelines for railroad personnel and passenger safety.

They should NOT be construed as absolute rules of safety
as each railroad and car owner may have their own safety program.


This program is aviable for purchase. Please contact RPCA for more information