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  Private cars in the United States have a history as old as the passenger train itself. As passenger train routes in this country expanded and the railroad's mileage rapidly grew they found it was becoming difficult to manage a large company from one location. Soon the development of the railroad business car swept the industry. Railroad managers could now travel the system and still get their office work completed. Soon after the introduction of the business car, came the private car. Essentially the same as the business car, the private car was used for the transportation of the wealthy and elite. Utilizing business and private cars to tour the country soon became the in thing to do. Initially the railroads offered the transportation of these cars on their trains for free as a courtesy, but soon found that the popularity of private car travel was costing the railroads money. Most railroads soon established their own special movement bureau, these departments handled private car moves, special trains and anything out of the realm of the regularly scheduled train. Soon after Amtrak's creation in the early 1970's they formed their own special movement bureau to handle the movement of private cars, presidential campaign trains, etc. Today if you own a Amtrak certified car you can travel on select Amtrak routes and enjoy the scenic wonders of this country that most people never get to experience. If you don't own an Amtrak certified car but would like to experience the world of private car travel, be sure to visit our Rail Cars for Charter page.



Amtrak PV Contact Info


Amtrak Private Car web link


Amtrak Private Car Notices


Amtrak Movement Request Form


Amtrak Tariffs as of 10/01/17


Amtrak Tariffs as of 05/01/18


Guidelines for the Operation, Maintenance and Storage of Private Cars in Amtrak’s LAUS Garden Maintenance Facility and LAUS Station Tracks/ Facilities. 03/19/2018


Amtrak Passenger Record Form


Amtrak 2011 SMP & Forms





Amtrak Contact Information

The following contact information is for the use of Amtrak certified car owners only. If you do not have an Amtrak certified car please contact Amtrak at 800-USA-Rail.

All Private Car services

Randal Barrows - Manager Charter Services & Special Movements
Amtrak Charter Services & Special Movements
15 S. Poplar Street





Amtrak Private Car Notices
  Of late there have been requests to operate more than two PV’s on the Zephyr. Due to the construction issues at Denver, at this time Amtrak requests that the PV count on trains 5&6 be kept at two until further notice. At present with the extra Amtrak cars, they need to be able to have the entire train platformed, which a third PV prevents.

  Amtrak has asked us to inform our membership of this. This way they won’t’ have to deny a move request after it has been submitted. Amtrak as always, thanks us for our cooperation and continued business. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact anyone in the special moves department.



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