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Insurance Program Single Car Test Device Master Wheel Gauge

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Insurance Program


    Owning railroad equipment comes with it's own set of challenges! One of the largest problems equipment owners experience is how to insure a railroad passenger car! Over the years many car owners have received very odd looks from their personal insurance agent, when the topic of insuring rail equipment comes up. With the intent of making things easier for car owners and to the great joy of your personal agent, RPCA initiated our Insurance Program. The program is administered through Borden Perlman Insurance Managers, United Shortline Insurance & Hamman-Miller-Beauchamp- Deeble . It provides RPCA members with an economical source of liability and physical damage coverage. For more information on this exciting program be sure to contact the above carriers. Don't forget to provide them with a copy of your RPCA membership certificate to enroll.




Single Car Test Device 


    Q- What is a Single Car Test Device?

    A- A single car test device is used to individually test the air brakes on a car or locomotive. Normally used after the air brakes have received repairs or a COT&S. The SCTD can also be used  trouble shoot the air brake system when malfunctions occur.

Single Car Test Device

    Over the years many regulations have been mandated by the Federal Railroad Administration to make the railroads a safer place. A few of those regulations cover the recertification of Single Car Test Devices every 92 days and the certification of the individual using the SCDT. For any individual or company who owns passenger equipment, this would mean that you would have to keep constantly sending your SCTD to a shop to be recertified and it also means that as the SCTD user you need to be certified. RPCA offers a SCTD program which is managed by RPCA member Pittsburgh Air Brake. For $75.00 per week plus shipping you can rent a fully certified SCTD. For more information on this program and the SCTD please contact Pittsburgh Air Brake at 412-278-3600.




 COT&S- Is defined as Clean, Oil, Test & Stencil. This is procedure that is performed to keep the airbrakes on a car or locomotive in prime operating condition. It consists of sending the air brake valves to a certified air brake shop to be taken apart, cleaned, oiled, tested & stenciled. Reinstalling them on the car and performing an air brake test with a Single Car Test Device. Please keep in mind this is only part of the process, and the steps taken to perform a full COT&S will vary depending on the car and the type of air brake systems used.



Master Wheel Gauge


  Wheel Gauge


  Wheels, as you can imagine are a pretty important part of moving & operating passenger cars. Like so many other aspects of railroad equipment, wheels have federal regulations that govern their use. When you have a steel wheel moving on a steel rail sooner or later your wheels will start to show wear. To accurately measure your wheels so that they are compliant you will need to use a wheel gauge. After years of service wheel gauges can be bent, worn and out of adjustment. That is where our good friends at Pittsburgh Air Brake step in. They maintain a master wheel gauge so you can have yours calibrated. For more information on having your gauge calibrated contact Pittsburgh Air Brake at 412-278-3600. Wheel gauges can also be recertified at the annual RPCA conference.



Future Programs & Services


    RPCA strives to be a proactive trade organization and is always thinking ahead. We are working towards new services and programs to benefit our members. To be notified of additional member services in the future be sure to join our Email Notification. It's free and don't worry we will not spam you or sell your email address.


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