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 Luebke-Caldwell Memorial RailCamp Fund
























Many RPCA members have been working in the railroad industry most of their lives. In most cases it has been a love affair with an industry that built our industrialized nation. Many of us were initially exposed to the industry by a relative who worked for the railroad, a local railroad museum or even by accident. Regardless how were we exposed, for many of us it has become a way of life and a passion.

The winds of change have affected the railroad industry for many years. The change from steam to diesel locomotives, the famous passenger trains of yesteryear to Amtrak. The dreams of a child to be an engineer to video games and a host of other things that catches the attention of today's youth.

The National Railroad Historical Society noticed that times were changing and it was getting harder and harder to interest younger people in the fascinating world of railroading. This initiated the formation of a wonderful program called RailCamp . For one week each summer members of the program get to experience real railroading, supervised by trained camp counselors. Training includes mechanical work, train operations, track repair and more.

RPCA has been a strong supporter of RailCamp from it's inception. We founded the Caldwell-Luebke RailCamp Fund named in memory of long-time members Jim Caldwell and Kevin Luebke. We also have added the Stanlee E. Weller RailCamp Fund specifically for a female student named in memory of our long-time Treasurer.  These funds typically provide full scholarships for two RailCamp attendees.

Each year the RPCA RailCamp committee selects candidates to attend one of the week long sessions. Successful candidates are students aged 14-18 (generally entering the 9th grade through graduating seniors). Preferences are given to active members of RPCA Member Organizations and their families.


RPCA sponsors their full tuition. Transportation to/from the RailCamp is generally the responsibility of the attendee.  


Since 2001 we have been a sponsor and we hope to invest in our future, but more importantly we hope to be that spark which ignites the passion of railroading for future generations.

Currently there are two RailCamps - RailCamp East is typically held in the Delaware and Pennsylvania area while the Northwest RailCamp is held in Tacoma, WA area.


For any questions about the RPCA Scholarship Program, or to make a donation to either fund, please contact the RPCA RailCamp Chairman.


For consideration for the scholarships, please mail your completed application to the address below, or to submit your application electronically, please contact Roy at (rjwullich2@aol.com).


Roy Wullich
RPCA RailCamp Chairman
PO Box 719
Quinton, VA 23141-0719