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Service Providers

  The following is a list of companies known to provide services and products to the railroad passenger car industry. RPCA does not warrant or guarantee the services or products of any companies listed on this page. This companies posted here are for informational purposes only and not all companies listed are RPCA members. RPCA member companies are noted with a * after the company name. If you are a RPCA member and your are not highlighted please contact


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Updated November 04, 2019




   Air Brake Shops

           Pittsburgh Air Brake*

           New York Air Brake

           Red River Air Brake



    Air Hose


           Comet Industries


   Brake Shoes/Pads

           Railroad Friction Products



           North West Rail Electric*

           Adams & Westlake Ltd*

           LaSalle Canvas & Ropes 514-366-2800



           Progress Rail


    Electrical Equipment

           Northwest Rail Electric*

           ESL Power Systems, Inc.


           McMaster Carr



           Stadco *

           Industrial Maintenance & Engineering (HEP generators)



           North West Rail Electric*


    Window Gaskets

           Logan Corp

           SAS Rubber Company

           Central Sales & Service

           Logan Corporation- Lee Crockett @ 800-669-1967


    Car Repair/Rebuilding

            Avalon Rail*

           Gateway Rail Services*

           L&C Rail Shops*

           Sea Island Passenger Services* @ (419) 483-0729

           Pete Messina* @ (504) 669-4433

           F&M Car and Locomotive* 317-984-5655

           Ozark Mountain Railcar* @ 417-336-2401

           Batavia & Ohio Railway Services* @ 513 752-0211

           Pontrelli Rail Equipment Repair Inc.* @ 570-242-1701

           RailGD Inc.* @ 418 392-7510


    AEI/Umler Tags

           Soft Rail



    Logistic Companies (Helps move rail equipment)

           BNSF Logistics -Shalane Maestri @ (502) 797-3454

           C.H. Robinson Worldwide -Jen Lorenze @ (800) 311-2128,

           Silk Road Transport - Todd Haraty @ (607) 295-7406

           Railmove Northwest Inc.* @ 253-383-2626

           Red Streak Rail Services -  Peter Foley @ (303) 638-0108

           Fritz-Rumer-Cooke Company - Chris Sheridan @ 1-800-349-7245

           West Shore Services - (MI, TX, FL only) 800) 632-6184 or (616) 895-4347

           Ozark Rail Logistics* -  513-752-0211




           Dynamic Metals


    Head End Power Products

           North West Rail Electric*

           ESL Power Systems, Inc.


     Toilet Systems





           Columbus Castings -New & remanufactured H couplers



    Structural Engineering

           Starfire Engineering


    Interior Trim

           Kroh-Wagner Inc.


    Shock Absorbers

           Lin Industries

           Hadady Corporation


    Lubricants (bearing, brake cylinder, etc)



    Air Brake Hoses



    Interior Hardware

           Ozark Mountain Railcar (parts dept)*

           Adams & Westlake Ltd*






           Forbo Flooring Systems (manufactures a replica of Pullman linoleum)


    Liners (pedistal/center plate)

           Kor-Pak Corp

           Clifton Steel Products


    Railcars For Sale

           Ozark Mountain Railcar*

           D.F. Barnhardt & Associates*



           McCarthy Rail Insurance*

           United Shortline Insurance*

           HMBD .. Hamman-Miller-Beauchamp-Deeble*

               ARCH Insurance Group

           Daniel & Henry

           Zurich North America


    Marker Lamps

           Adams & Westlake Ltd*


   UMLER Services


           Great Lakes Railcar*


   Locomotive Repair


            F&M Car and Locomotive* 317-984-5655

            Batavia & Ohio Railway Services* @ 513 752-0211


  Wheel Chair Lifts


             Adaptive Engineering @ 1-800-448-4652


  Railroad Radios


            JEM Communications @ 719-575-5541



  D/C Motor Brushes (locomotive & special order)


           Carbone of America


  Locomotive Parts


            Diesel Power Solutions

            JMA Rail Supply

            Interstate-McBee LLC

           Chromium Corporation (Alco & old GE parts)

            Miller Flexpax

            Power Rail



  Railroad Ties & Rail


           Nevada Railroad Materials  801-389-2846  


  Passenger Car Storage      


             Batavia & Ohio Railway Services * 513-317-1190

             Crossroads Railcar Services Inc.   317-474-4041


  Ticketing Systems and RR Management Tools


             Dynamic Ticket Solutions, LLC *  856-779-0230

             Accesso Ticketing, eCommerce, Virtual Queuing, Guest Experience Solutions


Suggest a service or product provider, membership in RPCA is not required to be listed on this page.