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Pittsburgh Air Brake Company (PABCO)


Freight & Passenger Two Day Air Brake Class

Day One – Classroom
 1. FRA Training Rules
 2. History of Train Brakes
 3. How the Air Moves in the Brake System
 4. Relay Valve, what they are and why we use them
 5. Different types of Brake Equipment
 6. Single Car Testing using Test codes
 7. 50 question test

Day Two – Hands-On
  1. Daily test of a Single Car Testing Device
  2. Hands-on testing of Air Brake System using a Single Car Testing Device and all associated gauges

Written test and hands on test are required to receive an Air Brake Card, good for 3 years.

Each student will receive their own workbook and test codes for the different types of Freight and Passenger Car Brake Systems.

Contact the PABCO
33 B Sycamore Street
Carnegie, PA